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Snyder quickly ascended to becoming one of football's hated owners since taking over that of the Commanders in 1999 -- beating even Jerry Jones. Cowboys fans have enjoyed a love/hate relationship Jones over the years, even those who Madden 23 coins were not from Dallas not liking him/ Snyder was able to accomplish the seemingly impossible by alienating everyone -including the home crowd. Before we look at what could be the final nail in Snyder's coffin go through his top 10 hits of horror since taking ownership.

Malik Willis had an agonizing waiting time after being locked in the Green Room on Thursday evening but finally had his name called on Day 2 of the Madden NFL 23 Draft, with the Tennessee Titans selecting him with the No. number 86 selection in the third round.

He's sure to make Madden NFL 23 pay for it. The past has seen you justify the reasons why quarterbacks didn't make it to the draft. There are questions to be asked about their strength, their arm maturity or poor performances at the Combine. Other than the fact Willis didn't spend any time in a traditional offense there's absolutely no reason that a team didn't roll the dice on his pledge.

If you're curious about how players similar to Russell Wilson fall to the third round, this is the article for you. Madden NFL 23 teams aren't above being monumentally stupid, and this is the best illustration of it. The player may not have all his tools at this moment however his potential is unparalleled, not just for this class of quarterbacks, however, over the last couple of years. Willis the accuracy of cheap madden 23 coins his throws was the highest in Madden NFL 23 according to Pro Football Focus, he can escape the pass rush with his legs. He's an exceptional character with a great back. In many ways, aside from the size difference, Willis isn't demonstrably different from Cam Newton.
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