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While using the best strikers, midfielders, and center-backs is sure to boost your Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, if you pay attention to the entire pitch and plan your passes in split seconds, you must use the proper camera settings for the perfect match setup. While there is no perfect camera setting, a good visual field might help you win against your opponent. So in this article, we’ll provide you with the best camera settings for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

In order to enhance your gameplay and tip the odds in your favor, you’ll want to go through these steps to implement the best camera settings in FIFA 23:

Launch FIFA 23.
Navigate to the Options menu.
Visit the Camera tab.
Switch both Single Player and Multiplayer Cameras to Tele Broadcast.
Next, adjust the Camera Height option. Change it to any value between 12 and 17. You can readjust it according to your gameplay needs, but this is the ideal range.
Now, head to the Camera Zoom option and ensure it’s set at 0 (Zero).
If you can see the flanks of the pitch on the preview, you’re good to go.
Play a new match with these camera settings.
If these new settings aren’t perfect, you can readjust some values by one to three.

Switching the Single Player Camera and Multiplayer Camera will automatically adjust your camera in online game modes like Ultimate Team and offline modes like Career Mode. Tele Broadcast will provide the best look at the action on the pitch while allowing you to control your players easily.

If you do not like this, you can go to a Co-Op camera setting, which is also excellent for playing matches. It’s zoomed out enough for you to easily see every pitch flank, making your passes, crosses, and through balls much more manageable. If you’re defending, you’ll also be able to notice which opposition players are getting behind your defensive line. Wide players trying to utilize the free space can also be caught up with.

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in Ultimate Team mode.
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