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The speed attribute has been one of the most important stats in Madden games for years and is no different in Madden 23. Having a fast quarterback, for example, can be the difference between scoring lots of yards and struggling to create opportunities in the attack, especially in the game’s most popular mode Ultimate Team, where the top players focus on acquiring cards with high-speed ratings by mut 23 coins. So, who are the fastest QBs in Madden NFL 23? Let’s look at the fastest quarterbacks.

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson (96 Speed)

Lamar Jackson tops the list of fastest quarterbacks in Madden 23 for the second year in a row, and by a large margin. The Ravens’ dual-threat superstar is a terrifying presence for opposing defenses, as he’s not just the fastest QB but one of the fastest players in Madden 23 overall. He has 97 acceleration and 96 speed.

Titans QB Malik Willis (92 Speed)

Willis’ speed rating comes in at 92, for the second-highest mark at the quarterback position. As far as overall rating is concerned, Willis comes in at a 69, which isn’t much of a surprise, considering he’s a rookie. But he will be an absolute menace on the ground thanks to his game-breaking speed.

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray (92 Speed)

Despite not running the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, everyone knows that Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray is fast. His speed (92), acceleration (95) and agility (93) were considered his strongest attributes. These ratings make his legs a dangerous weapon!

Bears QB Justin Fields (90 Speed)

Many people around the league believe Justin Fields possesses all the talent to become a franchise quarterback. Madden 23 grades Justin Fields at 74 overall, which ranks 25th among quarterbacks. The game lists him at 90 for speed, which is a dynamic part of Fields’ play. It puts him fourth overall in speed among quarterbacks. What’s the harm in signing him and bringing him on, whoever you play as?

The above are the fast quarterbacks with a speed rating of 90 or higher in Madden 23. You might have noticed that quite a few gamers like using these fast quarterbacks who can run out of pocket and complete the task independently.
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