We are referring to not the Broncos

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Brandon Marshall is seemingly a guy having a strategy, also it turns out his strategy for his short term future contains stepping from the madden nfl 17 coins.

To be clear, we are referring to not the Broncos linebacker, who did only win a Super Bowl this year and the Jets wide receiver. From a football point of view the receiver, stepping far from the match only at that time in his career does not make much sense for Marshall. He is 31 years old and he is showing no signs of stealing from his present position on the list of league's best receivers.

In 2015, Marshall played in all 16 matches, catching 109 passes for and 14 yards 1,502 touchdowns. If Marshall continues along at his present rate and does not retire anytime soon, he might end up in the Hall of Fame. According to ESPN, he is the sole receiver with six seasons of at least 100 grabs in cheap madden 17 coins.

With that said, there is one giant motive why Marshall is craving a Super Bowl. Not only has he never won a ring, he is also never made it in his decade-long career.

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